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Beginning Belly Dance

Two hour Instructional DVD

SheRaks Productions

Learn the basics of freestyle cabaret belly dance! This comprehensive DVD shares the techniques of belly dance fundamentals from arm and upper body carriage to a large variety of standing steps for the beginning dancer. Also covered are the fundamentals of music and musical interpretation necessary to make the moves and the music speak for each individual dancer.

In addition to a lengthy vocabulary of basic steps,this video also includes a complete warm up as well as discussion of transitions and weight shifts between steps, basic turns, shimmies, basic zil patterns, culminating in a costumed performance.
Your instructor, Annette Federico, was trained in the art of traditional "old school"cabaret belly dance by the legendary Cory Zamora and has studied with Artemis Mourat and Lubna Emam. She has extensive experience as a performer in a variety of venues in California, Hawaii, and the eastern United States. Skilled with zils and a myriad of props, Annette is in demand as a performer, teacher and coach. It is her privilege be a part of your dance journey!

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